SAVVy Project
Smartphone-Assisted Coping Focused Therapy for Voice Hearing Experiences

SAVVy Project 

The SAVVy Project is a research study aiming to evaluate a Smartphone-Assisted coping focused interVention for Voices. The intervention aimed to improve coping with distressing voice hearing experiences using a smartphone app in conjunction with a brief face-to-face therapy. 

The research study was conducted at a specialist Voices Clinic based in Melbourne, Australia, and involved a collaboration with researchers at Sussex University, UK. 

The SAVVy Project has now finished recruitment. Findings of this study will be shared in journal articles expected to be published throughout 2018 and 2019. This website will be updated with links to these articles or interested parties can contact the researchers directly via email. 

The researchers are involved in another research study currently being conducted evaluating a trauma-focused therapy for voice hearing experiences. This study is currently seeking to recruit people who hear voices that may be related to past trauma. For more information on this study, visit or email 

The researchers would like to thank the participants who dedicated their time and effort throughout this project and additional supporters who assisted with the running of the project. 

For more information, please contact:

Imogen Bell on (03) 9214 5372 or